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20 April 2013 @ 12:07 pm


if you're not doing it right i'm gonna reject without further explainations

this post is made so that browsing through the community would be easier. also to let you know what do we have here.
if you are not part of the member, you won't be able to see most of these entries since we're using members-only rules.

albums are arranged alphabetically according to its tittle
any mislinking, kindly point it out.

rules / request post / tags

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30 December 2013 @ 06:05 pm
we're moving to a new community
the reason should've been obvious. reposters

okay, so here's the details.
i've discussed with other maintainers and i've created a new community; nicoloid
filesharing would be stricter, especially self-rips and you have to figure out the passwords on your own.

how to join :
# existing members of voca_uta will have to leave a thread of the comment you've posted to prove you've posted any before
(steps; find your comment, hover to the word 'thread') - example

# new members can just join and wait for approval but same basic rules applies. (no blank journal, no fb acc, etc)
# should consider leaving some comment in future to encourage us to share more ~
# rules // faq

it was all fun until reposting issue occured. but all in all, thanks for those who really follow the rules and those who regularly drop some comments ~ see you in the new community.

go drop your comments here (as of feb 22nd)
Hello! I'm opening a group order for Toranoana. Winter Comiket is just around the corner and I know many stores'll be busy around that week, so I'm opening two group orders; one on December 7th->December 16th, and another on December 29th->January 5th.

Since this is an Utaite-Vocaloid community, I'm planning on opening a Lagoa group order if this goes well. (and mostly because I've never seen a Lagoa group order). Just a note, Lagoa's mostly Utaite stuff with less Vocaloid at a glance.  Don't worry though, if you're not interested on buying a CD/doujin for Vocaloid/Utaite, what are you doing in this community I accept all fandoms.

I just really want to encourage people to support their favorite artists in this community. And so, if there are less than 3 people joining the group order in this community, I will cancel the order.

: Toranoana links:  || VOCALOID | Exit Tunes | Utattemita ||

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Thanks for looking :)

so first of all, i posted my Krad Vortex rip, with hope to encourage people to actually buy the album. bcos duh it's kradness. he's plain awesome and i wanted to support him. as i clearly stated in every single post, all stuffs shared are for sampling purposes. you have to delete it after 24 hours.

and you should abide the rules; not putting it on streaming sites and repost it elsewhere

then i saw mikudb's post. so out of curiosity, i loaded that file since the compressed file is the exact size with mine -- 106MB, which was uploaded on google drive (while mikudb's was on shared)

after extracting, i could tell it's mine. how do i know ?
i tagged each tracks on my own since the cd just leave all tracks as it is (Track 1, Track 2).
here's the proof to show the file is my personal rip :


then i see the same link on vocaloidp3. i ranted about it on tumblr and then someone sent me an ask, saying hikarinost might do the same.

wow okay since when this community became so popular www

i commented on all sites to put down the link and clearly stated my reason. so far, only mikudb do so, but then it replaced the shared link with mf link. i'm not sure if it was taken from vnsharing, who claimed that it's the poster's friend's rip (with screenshot as proof).

yeahh this is a big deal because i paid for this. krad vortex is not the usual exit tunes cd, which costs 2000yen. and the fact that i used fedex so that it can reach faster just made the whole thing as something i cannot take casually.

oh well i cannot stop these people. this is internet. i cannot possibly make you guys leave comments then i'll pm you the links and the password. that's too bothersome =_=

and yeah, i admit i did the same. like taking the file off some chinese blogs and post them here ... so i guess it's fair? ww

but to think that i trusted you guys and then people betrayed me like that .. it's just unbearable :(
03 December 2013 @ 07:59 pm

# hello guys /o/
if you check our upcoming uploads and request posts, we have a lot in our hands. why not help us by signing up as uploader? ;w;b

# you may proceed to the recruitment post and the faq post (in case you didn't know how to deal with html) ~

# good news!
my copy of KRAD VORTEX is here!! unfortunately i am staying at dorms, in my uni (with fast internet uwu) so you guys can only get the sample by friday (saturday if i'm lazy lol)

# can you guys do me a favor? send an ask to the tumblr users who uploads official releases to stop doing so and ofc, take down their posts. please remember to say send message in a nice manner. we don't want to turn people off the fandom ;w;b

# should i make a twitter account with all the updates? it'll be private ofc, considering how utaites and vocalo-p being there.. feedbacks are appreciated :3
05 October 2013 @ 07:18 am
hello everyone. i'm just gonna point out a few things ~

# from here on, membership will be managed by yours truly. as for other mods, please don't mind those messages. i'm sorry for inconvenience. ofc, people with twitter and facebook accounts will be rejected.

# do not pester us with your request. if we say we're gonna upload it, then we will. please be a little patient, we got our real lives to mind. we are not on pc or have internet access 24/7. once you pester me, i will take away your membership. no chances shall be given as it is clear that you've broken the rules.

# make sure your PM setting enable me to reply. or else, mail me to

# help us keep this community updated by being an uploader! - more info, head over this post. and do check faq too ~
01 September 2013 @ 12:37 pm

okay so for those who didn't know, this is misaki aka kocchimuite

# so we're changing policy. no more locked after a week rules. instead, we will lock the posts right away, making it limited for members only. any questions that have been aswered on FAQ page will be ignored.

i'm done with people asking the same questions (where's the freaking password) when all you have to do is just take a few minutes and read the simple rules. the FAQ page is there for a reason.

# members with twitter or facebook accounts will be removed. please use livejournal account. it's easy

# i keep seeing uploads on tumblr. that dissapoint me. well yes, it might be your rip / it come from different source and not this community but please, at least, respect the artists? they wouldn't like it seeing their works being uploaded all over the internet.

# keep in mind that these are shared for sampling purposes! hence you have to delete after 24 hours.

further details on the recruiting post and guidelines on FAQ post ~ 
14 August 2013 @ 01:15 pm

golden rules

as you can see, the second request post has its thread grew so big and it makes it hard for us moderators to navigate around. hence a new post ~

rules / previous request post / tags / masterpost

rules and stuffs ;Collapse )

fulfilled requests ;Collapse )

pending requests ;Collapse )

post updated as of December 5th ~

now, place your request with this format :
- title : (album/single, can be utaite or vocaloid)
- release date : do not post the cd that hasn't been released
- vocal(s) :
- cd cover (optional) : http(:)//www(.)xxxxxx
13 August 2013 @ 12:34 pm

in this post, you will see upcoming uploads by certain moderators.

how does this post works :
# i have some people sent me files via mail and i don't have much time to post them. so, in order not to let the situation where someone else post it before me, i'm listing the album here in this post.
# you have that one sample but you don't really have time / simply don't feel like posting now but you want to be the one who upload it, hence you put the tittle of the album
# you're planning to buy a copy and you're going to rip and share with everyone here
# something that you plan to post in future

- if you want to post something right away, you don't have to let me know
- if you want to add more to the list, please comment in a new thread. lj tends to eat long thread and i sometimes didn't notice it

mods, please leave comments of which albums you're going to upload and i will add to the list.

rules / request post / tags / recruitment post / faq / masterpost

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